Gettin’ brekky


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The cutest addition to New Farm’s James Street has two new fans. The Gettin’ Place is a quaint refurbished house located just near New Farm State School, serving up good coffee and no-fuss, delicious food on the daily. We took a seat in the little backyard, complete with pavers and a picketed fence, and browsed through the short but all-delicious-sounding menu. 


The food is all prepared by the staff in the front section where the coffee machine is, so nothing on the menu involves much cooking. As a result (perhaps to the dismay of the lover of a good fry-up), the food is all colourful and fresh and my fave breakfast staple, toast, is the star of the show in many of the dishes. To my delight, there is a ‘fancy toast’ section on the menu, featuring either peanut butter or Nutella toast with different combinations of fruit on top. This prompted a conversation about how great toast was. Toast is like the Madonna of the breakfast world – there are die-hard fans and haters but you can’t deny her versatility and inventiveness. In the end though (to further prove how fab toast is) I had to get the bruschetta bc who can say no to the classic combo of tomatoes, ricotta and basil. Maddy got the peanut butter and strawberry fancy toast, so I could live out my fancy toast dreams through her. Rookie mistake – we drank our coffees too fast so plz excuse their emptiness.


What’s also great about The Gettin’ Place is that you can choose whether you want one or two pieces of toast and the price changes accordingly.This means that you can get a very reasonably priced breakfast – something that’s increasingly hard to come by and is unheard of on James street. Not that hungry? Just get one. Can’t choose between two meals? Get both! Although I often contemplate doing that anyway regardless of size…. Because of this we decided it was only fair to try something else on the menu too and both settled on the quinoa bowl with chopped fruits and nuts and a bit of yog.  An excellent choice if I do say so.


The Gettin’ Place is a must-visit in the James Street area and can be found at 145 James St, New Farm. Come on a sunny day to enjoy the backyard vibes.


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