Livin’ la vida Loco


(Photo credit: The Weekend Edition)

Located on Methyr Road in the heart of New Farm, squeezed in between houses and a performance supplement store is Little Loco. With its minimalist aesthetic and super friendly staff, Little Loco is a long-time favourite for locals and a top contender for Brisbane’s best breakfast and best coffee.

Little Loco photo 1

With a menu that is constantly changing and upgrading, you’ll struggle to choose a drink let alone a meal. Their baristas are on another level (seriously just check out their Instagram), so if you fancy yourself a coffee ~aficionado~ you better get yourself down to New Farm fast. But that’s not all, there are also shakes (Nutella and salted caramel) that come complete with gluten-free doughnuts but if you’re about that health life they have a great range of smoothies as well. Sarah went for a classic cappuccino (and did her very best not to drink it all before we took some pics) and I got the greenie smoothie.

Little Loco all food

All the food is wonderfully fresh; the only problem is that it’s so beautifully presented you almost feel bad destroying it! As a notorious sweet-tooth, if there is an option to eat dessert for breakfast I will most definitely take it, so I opted for the coconut pana cotta. Paired with granola and a slice of mango, it’s a sweet but light and I would even say healthy. Sarah couldn’t go past the breakfast board which has everything you could ever want from a big breakfast – poached eggs, bacon, haloumi, mushrooms and sourdough. It’s a great option for one very hungry person or perfect for sharing (I will admit I did steal a poached egg and a slice of sourdough).

Little Loco panna cotta

There is also a cabinet full of sweet treats (the cookies ‘n’ cream scrolls are particularly good) if you’re on the go or just after a post meal snack! The prices are all more than reasonable and the staff are super friendly and helpful so if you haven’t already head down to your new favourite breakfast spot, Little Loco!

Little Loco is open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week and can be found at 121 Methyr Road, New Farm.


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