Soft serves in Tokyo

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When most people think of soft serve, McDonald’s comes to mind. But trust me – you have not had soft serve until you’ve been to Japan. Aptly shortened to “soft cream”, you can find these dairy-licious treats in all of the major cities. Even the McDonald’s soft serve cones are approx 10 cm high (at least 5 and half swirls), putting our 2 and a half swirls to shame.

Instead of vanilla, the Japanese have a plain flavour called ‘milk’ – and I suspect that’s exactly what it is. Apparently they use a special percentage of fat in the milk to achieve the ultimate texture and flavour. The most popular flavour, however, is matcha (green tea). Matcha is massive in Japan and many sweets are matcha flavoured. Still not sure how I feel about it – I’m like 89% sure I like it. I love green tea, but matcha is very plant-y and quite bitter. Swirl it with the milk flavour and it’s a definite winner, though.


My love of ‘soft cream’ has been unleashed. Actually considering going into the soft serve business….. That would be dangerous in Australia though – you would need to provide a cold room for people to eat in or it would be in a puddle in seconds.

But why settle for one flavour when you can have eight?!


This monster of an icecream is from Daily Chico – a tiny shop in a basement in Nakano, Tokyo. From bottom to top there is milk, matcha, ramune (bubblegum flavoured softdrink), caramel, sesame, chocolate, coffee and strawberry. It. Was. Delicious. I really liked the ramune, coffee and sesame.

I was rather concerned about it toppling over or melting though, so got to work quickly. I shared this one (as many people were doing) and we just made it through, but there was one kid who was smashing it all by himself! Impressive but also slightly worrying….


is it sad that this was one of my favourite things about the whole trip? Here is a picture of me looking wayy too happy about it:


We found Daily Chico thanks to Jessica Korteman over at Notes of Nomads, where she posted super clear instructions on how to get there. This is a must do for any icecream (or just general life) enthusists visiting Tokyo – check out the original article for directions:


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