How to make a killer cheeseboard


Cheese makes things better. It’s a well known fact. And a BOARD of cheeses is the perfect, practically no-fuss, way to liven up any party. Bonus: you can quickly throw them together and they still look great.

The best thing about them is their customisability and that everyone can find something on there that they are happy to eat. Even those with the most extreme dietary requirements can be catered for – use gluten free crackers for a coeliac guest, up the amount of nuts, fruits and vegetables for any vegan/vego guests and include dairy-free dips for any lactose intolerant guests. The possibilities are as endless as my love for cheese….


Gettin’ brekky


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The cutest addition to New Farm’s James Street has two new fans. The Gettin’ Place is a quaint refurbished house located just near New Farm State School, serving up good coffee and no-fuss, delicious food on the daily. We took a seat in the little backyard, complete with pavers and a picketed fence, and browsed through the short but all-delicious-sounding menu. 

Soft serves in Tokyo

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When most people think of soft serve, McDonald’s comes to mind. But trust me – you have not had soft serve until you’ve been to Japan. Aptly shortened to “soft cream”, you can find these dairy-licious treats in all of the major cities. Even the McDonald’s soft serve cones are approx 10 cm high (at least 5 and half swirls), putting our 2 and a half swirls to shame.